September 12, 2013-6:30 PM

A.Call to Order and Roll Call
B.Pledge of Allegiance
C.Approval of Minutes
1.Minutes of School Board Meeting 8-22-13
D.Oral Written Communications
F.Public Hearing
1.2nd Public Hearing and Appprove 2013-14 Millage and BudgetAddendum Added
2.Public Hearing on SB Policy Updates
G.Public Forum- (Request to address the School Board regarding an item not on the agenda)
Administrative Agenda
H.Approval of Agenda- Items may be pulled from the Administrative Agenda and placed under the respective Action Agenda category by request of the Board member/Superintendent
1.Human Resource items
a.Personnel Board AgendaAddendum Added
b.Leaves: Without Pay, Illness In Line Of Duty, Military Leave; Out-Of-State Temporary Duty Requests
c.Substitute Teacher and Ed Support Substitute ListAdded Late
d.Fire and Life Safety Inspections 2013-2014
2.Curriculum/Instruction Items
a.Student Reassignment/Transfer Requests
c.School Volunteers
3.Financial Items
a.Budget Amendment #13/10, Monthly Financial Statement, and Bills/Payroll for June 2013
4.Administrative Operational Items
a.Field Trip RequestsAddendum Added
b.Religious Venue Request
Action Agenda
I.Administrative/Operational Recommendations- Joey Harrell, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services
1.DAG Architects Agenda Items
2.Pinder Martin Agenda Items
3.Direct Purchasing Change Orders
J.Human Resource Recommendation- Lewis Lynn Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
1.Human Resource Action AgendaAddendum Added
K.Curricular and Instructions Recommendation – Bill Emerson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
1.Alternative Placements
2.Grant Synopsis for Carl D. Perkins Secondary
3.Grant Synopsis for Family Literacy, EL Civics, Adults w/Disabilities, Corrections
4.Accelify Letter of Agreement 2013-2014Removed
6.OPPAGA Report
7.Gifted Add-On Endorsement Plan/Updated Plan
8.Early Release Request - JHS Homecoming 2013-2014
9.High School Athletics - Fall Schedules 2013-2014
L.Financial Recommendations – Susan McCole, Assistant Superintendent for Finance
1.Annual Financial ReportAddendum Added
M.Items from Board Members
N.Items from Board Attorney
O.Items from Superintendent
1.Request Board Member to serve on committee to look at Health Care Clinic
2.Schedule Strategic Plan Workshop on October 24, 2013 from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.